Character List


Dorian Gray Called "Prince Charming" by Sibyl Vane, he is the main character of the novel. The book revolves around a secret pact that Dorian makes and the subsequent destruction of his soul.

Basil Hallward The artist who paints Dorian's portrait is a somewhat secretive but decent man who tries to be a good friend. Dorian kills Basil in a moment of self-centered hysteria.

Lord Henry Wotton Dubbed "Prince Paradox" by Dorian, he serves as mentor to Dorian and encourages him to lead a life devoted to pleasure. His performance in conversation evokes comparison to Wilde himself; he speaks most of the brilliant aphorisms that appear in the novel.

Sibyl Vane The seventeen-year-old actress adores "Prince Charming" and eventually commits suicide because of him.

James Vane Sibyl's large and brash brother is very protective of her. He vows to kill anyone who harms Sibyl.

Mrs. Vane A woman with a secret past, she considers the practical side of her daughter Sibyl's relationship with "Prince Charming."

Lady Victoria Wotten A delight in disarray, Lord Henry's wife divorces him.

Lady Agatha Lord Henry's aunt hosts a luncheon attended by Lord Henry and Dorian Gray in Chapter 3.

Lady Brandon She introduces Basil Hallward to Dorian Gray at a party.

Alan Campbell He is the scientist and former friend of Dorian Gray who disposes of Basil Hallward's body at Dorian's request.

Sir Geoffrey Clouston A brother of the Duchess of Monmouth, he plays a key role in the shooting incident at Selby, Dorian's country estate.

Margaret Devereux Dorian's deceased mother is remembered in an account by Lord Fermor.

Lord Fermor ("Uncle George") Lord Henry's uncle provides background information on Dorian Gray.

Victor Dorian's first valet initially arouses suspicion in his employer, but they part on congenial terms.

Francis Dorian's valet after Victor leaves.

Dorian Gray's Gardener He delivers a letter to Dorian at the country estate.

Lady Gwendolyn Lord Henry's sister provides a box at the opera and later is involved with Dorian.

Hansom Driver He drives Dorian to the opium den.

Mr. Hubbard The frame maker from South Audley Street, with his assistant, moves Dorian's portrait to the attic schoolroom.

Mr. Isaacs Sibyl Vane's Jewish manager and producer is described in stereotypical terms by Dorian.

Lord Kelso Dorian's hard-hearted grandfather apparently had his own daughter's husband killed.

Mrs. Leaf Dorian's housekeeper is an efficient, friendly sort. She gives the keys to the attic room to Dorian.

Hetty Merton A naïve but beautiful village girl, she reminds Dorian of Sibyl Vane. Dorian is quite proud of himself for sparing her.

Duchess of Monmouth ("Gladys") Attractive and younger than her husband, she flirts with Dorian.

Duke of Monmouth The husband of Gladys is sixty and weary.

Lady Narborough A flirtatious, elderly friend of Dorian, she hosts a dinner party attended by Dorian and Lord Henry in Chapter 15.

Parker Basil Hallward's butler.

Policeman Summoned by passersby, he rings the door at Dorian's house several times but receives no answer when a cry and a crash are heard from the attic room.

Two Passersby Two men, one of them the uncle of a lad "ruined" by Dorian, hear the cry and crash from the attic and fetch a policeman.

Adrian Singleton Another young man badly influenced by Dorian, he is at the opium den when Dorian arrives.

Thornton Dorian's gamekeeper has some surprising news about the corpse at Selby.

Woman at Bar The outspoken woman at the bar of the opium den apparently is one of Dorian's early victims.

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