Character Analysis Alfred Jingle


Jingle is one of the most engaging rascals in literature — a tall, thin, shabby young man with a gift for imposture and a hilarious staccato patter. Jingle is Mr. Pickwick's negative, an alter ego whose career parallels Mr. Pickwick's precisely. The two men meet as Pickwick starts out on his first adventure and from thenceforth their paths cross at regular intervals. Jingle teaches Mr. Pickwick the power and reality of deception, and three of Mr. Pickwick's adventures are concerned with frustrating Jingle's matrimonial plans. Jingle acquires a servant at the same time Mr. Pickwick hires Sam. And although Jingle and Job Trotter win out at Bury St. Edmunds, Mr. Pickwick and Sam triumph at Ipswich. Both pairs are sent to debtors' prison, where they are transformed. Mr. Pickwick learns forgiveness and Jingle learns humility. Finally, Jingle and his servant settle in the West Indies, while Mr. Pickwick and Sam settle at Dulwich. Mr. Pickwick's relationship to Jingle is something like that of a father to a prodigal son.