Study Help Essay Questions


1. What is the dramatic importance of phonetics in all of the acts?

2. How is phonetics related to manners in all of the acts?

3. What is the dramatic function of the Eynsford-Hill family in the first act?

4. How might Alfred Doolittle be considered extraneous to the play? How would the play be different if his part were left out of a production?

5. How does Doolittle's change in social position reflect on Eliza's transformation?

6. How are Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Higgins more alike than is Eliza to each of these ladies? How is she similar to each of them?

7. Discuss the relationship between Higgins and his mother.

8. Explain the numerous intentional violations of manners on Higgins' part. At the end of the play, how can we tolerate the fact that Higgins calls Eliza a "damned impudent slut"?

9. Who should be given the most credit for Eliza's transformation from a flower girl into a duchess? Could either Eliza or Higgins have accomplished this feat without the other?

10. Why do you think that Higgins and Eliza should never marry? Or do you think that they should marry? Explain.