Character List


Phaedra Daughter of the Cretan king Minos and his wife, Pasiphäe. She is married to Theseus but in love with his son, Hippolytus.

Hippolytus Son of Theseus and Antiope, queen of the Amazons. He is famous for his chastity. Because he rejects with horror his stepmother's incestuous love, she is responsible for his death.

Theseus King of Athens, companion of Hercules, and famous for his legendary exploits. Falsely convinced of his son's guilt, he asks Neptune to kill Theseus.

Aricia Royal princess, last descendant of a family destroyed by Theseus. In spite of Theseus' express prohibition, she and Hippolytus fall in love.

Oenone Phaedra's nurse. Her fierce maternal-like love makes her give advice to her mistress which proves disastrous to all concerned.

Ismene Aricia's confidante.

Panope A member of Phaedra's household who plays the part of a messenger.

Theramenes Tutor and confidant to Hippolytus.