Study Help Essay Questions


1. Explain and justify Milton's use of God as a character. Consider how the work would be different if God were not a character.

2. Is it possible to defend the idea that Satan is the true hero of Paradise Lost? Explain why or why not.

3. Given the contexts of biography, time, and subject, is Milton an anti-feminist writer? Explain.

4. Who is the hero of Paradise Lost? Explain fully.

5. Does Milton's grand style enhance or detract from the power of his story? Be sure to consider ideas from both sides of this argument.

6. What is the purpose of Books XI and XII? Are they necessary for Milton's purpose?

7. How can Milton justify a work which glorifies obedience to authority when he himself supported the overthrow and execution of Charles I?

8. How do Adam and Eve differ before and after the fall?

9. How does Milton use Satan's transformations to reveal character?

10. Compare the "Unholy Trinity" of Satan, Sin, and Death to the "Holy Trinity" of the Son, Adam, and Eve.

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