Character List


Adela Quested A young woman newly arrived from England, expecting to be the fiancee of Ronny Heaslop.

Mrs. Moore Adela's chaperone and Ronny Heaslop's mother, by her first marriage.

Ronny Heaslop The City Magistrate of Chandrapore.

Doctor Aziz The Moslem doctor at the Government Hospital.

Major and Mrs. Callendar A Civil Surgeon and Aziz's superior; and his wife.

Cyril Fielding The English Principal at the Government College.

Professor Godbole The Hindu colleague of Fielding's.

Hamidullah Aziz's uncle and eminent Moslem barrister.

Mahmoud Ali Pleader (attorney) in the court, and friend of Aziz.

Ram Chand, Syed Mohammed, and Mr. Haq Friends of Aziz.

Mr. Das Ronny's assistant and the Hindu judge at the trial.

Nawab Bahadur The wealthy, influential friend of Aziz.

Mr. and Mrs. McBryde The District Superintendent of Police and his wife.

Nancy Derek A guest of the McBryde's and the companion of a maharani in a native state.

Mr. and Mrs. Turton Collector, head of British officialdom and social leader of Chandrapore; and his wife.

Mr. Armitrao The lawyer from Calcutta who takes Aziz's case.

Nureddin Grandson of Nawab Bahadur.

Ralph Moore Mrs. Moore's son by her second marriage.

Stella Moore Mrs. Moore's daughter, who becomes the wife of Cyril Fielding.

Mr. and Mrs. Lesley A British official and his wife.

Karin, Ahmed, Jamila Children of Aziz.

Doctor Panna Lal Hindu colleague of Aziz.

Mohammed Latif Poor relative who lives in the house of Hamidullah.

Mr. Graysford and Mr. Sorley Missionaries who live on the outskirts of Chandrapore.

Lord and Lady Mellanby The Lieutenant Governor and his wife.

Mrs. Bhattacharya The Indian woman who invites Adela and Mrs. Moore to her house and then neglects to send a carriage for them.