Character List


The Castle of the Forest Sauvage and Its Environs

The Wart A foundling raised by Sir Ector at the Castle of the Forest Sauvage. Naive and innocent, he undergoes an education at the hands of Merlyn. "The Wart" is a nickname for "Art," and the Wart eventually becomes King Arthur.

Sir Ector The Wart and Kay's father and a kind, good-humored landowner who is Lord of the Castle of the Forest Sauvage.

Kay Sir Ector's eldest (and only natural) son. His stubbornness and craving for honor are revealed in many of his words and actions.

Merlyn A wise and sometimes absent-minded magician who oversees the Wart's education. He lives "backward" in time, moving from the future to the past.

Sir Grummore Grummursum A friend and drinking companion of Sir Ector. He offers King Pellinore a "feather bed" so that he can retire from his hunt for the Questing Beast.

Ralph Passelewe An old man, almost blind and almost deaf, who delights Sir Ector's guests with his racy song at the Christmas feast.

Uther Pendragon The demanding Norman King of all England. At the end of the novel, the Wart learns that Pendragon is his father.

Sir William Twyti Uther Pendragon's royal huntsman, sent to the Castle of the Forest Sauvage to hunt wild boar. He reveals (at one point) his tender side after losing one of his hounds in a hunt.

King Pellinore A wholly comical figure, King Pellinore hunts after the Questing Beast (or "Beast Glatisant") and also participates in an absurd joust with Sir Grummore Grummursum.

Wat An old and crazy man without a nose who lives in the Forest Sauvage. After being pelted with stones by some children, he caught one of the boys (the Dog Boy) and bit off his nose.

The Dog Boy Sir Ector's servant in charge of his kennels and hounds. As a child, he had his nose bitten off by Wat. Later in the novel, he and Wat are reconciled and become friends.

Hob Sir Ector's servant in charge of the mews, where his hawks and falcons are kept.

The Boys' Adventure with Robin Wood

Robin Wood The real name of the legendary Robin Hood, a Saxon thief who defends the poor and who patrols the Forest Sauvage. He is an expert bowman and woodsman.

Maid Marian Robin Wood's wife, who excels in tracking and hunting.

John Naylor A giant of a man (nicknamed "Little John"), John Naylor acts as one of Robin wood's sentries by guarding the giant tree in the Forest Sauvage that Robin uses as a lookout point.

Much A tiny, mute hunchback, who, like John Naylor, serves as one of Robin Wood's sentries.

The Oldest Ones of All The name given to a band of gluttonous fairies who possess the knowledge of the ancient Gaels. Also called the "Old Ones," "Blessed Ones," "Good Folk," and "People of Peace," they, with the help of Morgan Le Fay, kidnap Friar Tuck and the Dog Boy.

Friar Tuck A fried of Robin, taken prisoner by the Oldest Ones of All.

Morgan Le Fay A slug-like witch who, in league with the Oldest Ones of All, kidnaps Friar Tuck and the Dog Boy.

Animals Met by the Wart

Cavall The Wart's favorite hound, cared for by the Dog Boy.

Archimedes Merlyn's owl, who teaches the Wart to fly before sending him off to live with the wild geese.

Mr. P. A tyrannical perch who lords over all the fish in the moat of the Castle of the Forest Sauvage.

Cully A favorite hawk of the Wart and Kay; when the Wart becomes a hawk, he learns that Cully is a colonel among the hawks and has a violent temper.

Balan and Balin Two falcons who befriend the Wart when he becomes a hawk.

Madam A falcon in charge of the mews who interrogates the Wart.

Lyo-lyok A wild goose who teaches the Wart about migration; she is shocked to hear the Wart speak so nonchalantly about war.

The badger The last animal the Wart befriends, the badger is a philosopher who reads the thesis for his doctor's degree to him: It explores why Man has been given, by God, the Order of Dominion over all other animals.