Othello By William Shakespeare Act IV: Scene 1

My lord?

What would you with her, sir?

Who, I, my lord?

Ay; you did wish that I would make her turn:
Sir, she can turn, and turn, and yet go on,
And turn again; and she can weep, sir, weep;
And she's obedient, as you say, — obedient, —
Very obedient. — Proceed you in your tears. —
Concerning this, sir, — O well-painted passion!
I am commanded home. — Get you away;
I'll send for you anon. — Sir, I obey the mandate,
And will return to Venice. — Hence, avaunt!

[Exit Desdemona.]

Cassio shall have my place. And, sir, to-night,
I do entreat that we may sup together:
You are welcome, sir, to Cyprus. — Goats and monkeys!


Is this the noble Moor whom our full senate
Call all-in-all sufficient? Is this the nature
Whom passion could not shake? whose solid virtue
The shot of accident nor dart of chance
Could neither graze nor pierce?

He is much chang'd.

Are his wits safe? is he not light of brain?

He's that he is: I may not breathe my censure
What he might be, — if what he might he is not, —
I would to heaven he were!

What, strike his wife!

Faith, that was not so well; yet would I knew
That stroke would prove the worst!

Is it his use?
Or did the letters work upon his blood,
And new-create this fault?

Alas, alas!
It is not honesty in me to speak
What I have seen and known. You shall observe him;
And his own courses will denote him so
That I may save my speech: do but go after,
And mark how he continues.

I am sorry that I am deceiv'd in him.


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