Study Help Practice Projects


1. Shakespeare's plays contain excellent speeches that can be worked up as audition pieces. Select a speech from the following list (or find another) and present it to your classmates:

Iago (I,i,42-65). Iago explains that he is a villain.

Othello (I,iii,128-170). His courtship of Desdemona.

Desdemona (I,iii,180-189). I do perceive here a divided duty.

Emilia (IV,iii,86-103). Husbands drive their wives to infidelity.

Othello (V,ii,1-22). It is the cause, my soul.

2. Act the major scenes, spreading the roles around the group of students.

3. View a film (or theater) production of Othello and note and then discuss any differences. For example, in films, the script is often cut to simplify the story and to fit the play into a shorter time limit. Discuss the director's reasons for these cuts and the impact on the audience's reaction to the play.