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accident (142) an occurrence.

addiction (6) an inclination.

affined (39) [Obsolete] under obligation; bound.

affinity (48) kinship; family.

Almain (79) a German.

anters (140) [Archaic] caves.

Anthropophagi (144) man-eaters; cannibals.

article (11) substance.

assay (18) a test.

attach (77) arrest.

being . . . heaven (36) looking like an angel.

besort (238) suitable company.

birdlime (126) a kind of paste.

blank (129) a target; bull's-eye.

bobbed (16) cheated; swindled.

bolster (399) lie together.

bookish theoric (24) the student, not practitioner.

brace (24) stance of defense.

caitiff (109) a wretch.

callet (121) a whore, or prostitute.

canakin (66) a drinking pot.

carack (50) large trading ship.

cashiered (48) dismissed (but not necessarily without honor).

cast (14) dismissed.

censure (184) judgment.

chrysolite (146) topaz; a gemstone.

clyster pipes (177) syringes; enema tubes.

coat (25) a coat of mail worn under outer clothing.

cogging, cozening (132) lying, cheating.

coloquintida (351) a bitter fruit.

compliment extern (63) outward appearance.

composition (1) consistency.

compt (274) accounting on Judgment Day.

conceit (115) a thought or fancy.

continuate (179) uninterrupted.

conveniences (233) compatibilities.

convinced or supplied (28) overcame or gratified.

credit (97) reputation.

crocodile (247) a reference to the false tears supposedly shed by crocodiles.

crusadoes (27) Portuguese gold coins.

customer (120) here, a prostitute.

daws (65) jackdaws or crows; here, fools.

defend (266) forbid.

deserve (183) reward.

designment halts (22) plan is crippled.

dial (176) a full twelve hours on the face of a clock.

discourse fustian (272) to speak nonsense.

distemp'ring draughts (99) intoxicating drinks.

do my duties (2) voice my loyalty.

ecstasy (80) a trance.

Egyptian (57) a Gypsy.

encave (82) hide.

engluts (57) [Archaic] devours.

entreats his pause (220) begs him to stop.

enwheel (87) encompass.

fineless (173) unlimited.

fitchew (146) a polecat (meaning "a whore").

fopped (194) duped; deceived.

fordoes (129) destroys.

forfend (32) forbid.

fortitude (222) fortification.

frank appearance (38) no attempt to conceal.

frieze (126) rough cloth.

galleys (40) officers of the galleys.

galls (91) the ability to resent.

gastness (106) ghastliness, or terror.

gennets for germans (113) Spanish for relatives.

go by water (104) be rendered by tears.

grange (106) an isolated farmhouse.

grise (200) a degree or step.

gross in sense (72) perfectly clear.

haggard (255) a wild hawk.

hales (140) tugs at; hauls.

happily (238) [Archaic] haply, by chance.

heave the gorge (234) become nauseated.

heraldry (48) heraldic symbolism.

high-wrought flood (2) heavy sea.

hobby-horse (156) a prostitute; harlot.

hold her free (255) believe her to be guiltless.

home (165) to the point, bluntly.

A horned man's (63) a cuckold's.

humane seeming (241) courteous appearance.

Hydra (298) the many-headed beast killed by Hercules.

hyssop (323) a fragrant herb.

idle (140) barren.

imposition (260) a quality imposed by others.

in false gaze (19) looking the wrong way.

inclining (82) party; side.

incorporate (266) carnal, or fleshly.

indign (273) [Obsolete] unworthy.

infected (21) stricken with the plague.

inhibited (79) [Rare] prohibited; forbidden.

Janus (33) the two-faced god of the Romans.

jesses (261) straps for holding a hawk to the trainer's wrist.

Judean (348) a possible reference to Judas Iscariot.

jump (5) agree.

leet and law days (140) meetings of the court.

liberal as the north (221) freely as the north wind blows.

lown (88) a lout or rascal.

mamm'ring (70) hesitating.

mandragora (330) a soporific, or substance causing sleep.

mazzard (146) [Obsolete] the head.

mere perdition (3) complete destruction.

minion (33) mistress; or hussy, as here used.

minister (8) a servant.

molestation (16) a tumult.

mortal engines (355) deadly artillery.

a moth of peace (256) A useless creature living a luxurious life.

mountebanks (61) charlatans who sell quack medicine.

mummy (75) fluid drained from embalmed bodies.

napkin (287) a handkerchief.

nightgown (34) a dressing-gown; robe.

Ottomites (33) Turks.

paragons (62) [Obsolete] surpasses.

peculiar (60) private.

peevish (88) silly.

perfect soul (31) stainless conscience.

Pioners (346) manual laborers doing the least desirable kinds of work.

plume up (396) to gratify.

poise (82) weight; grave importance.

portance (139) [Archaic] one's bearing or demeanor; behavior.

pottle-deep (51) to the bottom of the tankard.

pregnant (238) likely, most significant.

prime (403) lustful.

probal (333) provable by.

profane . . . counsellor (164) worldly and licentious.

Promethean heat (12) divine fire.

propriety (167) proper order.

puddled (144) muddied.

quality (251) profession.

quarter (171) friendliness.

quat (11) a pimple.

quillets (24) quips; puns.

quirks (63) ingenuities.

rank garb (310) gross manner.

relume (13) relight.

reprobation (210) rejection by God.

restem (37) steer again.

rude (81) unpolished.

Sagittary (158) the name of an inn.

salt (242) lecherous.

'sblood (4) [Obsolete] euphemism for by God's blood; used as an swearword.

seamark (269) a beacon, destination.

seel (210) to close.

sequestration (347) separation.

shambles (66) a slaughterhouse.

shrift (24) [Archaic] a confessional.

siege (22) rank.

signiory (18) here, the Venetian government.

small'st opinion (109) least suspicion.

Spartan dog (362) a bloodhound.

spleen (89) anger.

stones (221) thunderbolts.

store (84) to fill; populate.

stoup (27) a two-quart tankard.

stubbornness (20) roughness.

sudden in choler (275) quick to anger.

sufferance (23) [Archaic] suffering; disaster.

swag-bellied (75) loose-bellied.

thick-lips (66) the Moor.

toy (157) a fancy or a trifle.

trimmed (50) [Obsolete] dressed up.

twiggen (143) wicker-covered.

unbookish (102) uninformed.

undertaker (156) a person who undertakes to do something.

unhandsome warrior (152) unskilled soldier.

unhatched practice (142) a budding plot.

unhoused (26) unrestrained.

unlace (185) to undo.

Veronesa (26) ship fitted in Verona.

vile success (222) evil consequences.

votarist (188) a nun.

whipster (245) a term of contempt.

white (133) a pun on "wight," [Archaic] a person.

winks (66) shuts her eyes.

works (2) fortifications.

yerked (5) stabbed.

Zounds (86) [Archaic] by God's wounds.