Study Help Essay Questions


1. Explain possible answers for the Buendías' limited capacity for love.

2. Contrast the concepts of solitude and solidarity through one generation of the Buendía family.

3. Comment on the stability of the Buendía women, when compared with the Buendía males.

4. What part does fantasy play within the novel?

5. Explain the Buendías' inordinate fear of punishment because of incest.

6. Discuss the role of illegitimacy within the Buendía family and García Márquez' attitude towards South America.

7. How successfully is solitude used as a metaphor for the Buendías' "curse," and how successfully can it be applied to South America's historically lesser role in the politics of the Western world?

8. Why is this novel more successful as a "myth" than it would have been if it had been told in chronological order with actual dates and names and places?