Character List


Rafael Escalona

He carries on the memory of Francisco the Man by playing and singing the latter's songs.

Sir Francis Drake

It is suggested that the Spanish galleon found by José Arcadio Buendía in the jungle may have been sunk by Sir Francis Drake ("the attacker of Riohacha").

Aureliano Amador

The last of the seventeen bastard sons of the Colonel to be killed.

The Hotel Jacob

Macondo's only hotel. It also appears in García Márquez' story "One Day After Saturday."

Aureliano Centeno

One of the seventeen illegitimate sons of the Colonel, he invents sherbet.

Mauricio Babilonia

The auto mechanic who fathers Aureliano with Meme. He is paralyzed for life by a guard's bullet as he tries to rendezvous with Meme in her bathroom.

The Wandering Jew

Father Isabel claims to have seen this legendary wanderer in support of his "proof" of the devil.

Dr. Alirio Noguera

A medical charlatan, "a false homeopath," who instigates a Liberal rebellion and starts the Colonel on the path of revolution.

Teófilo Vargas

A "Liberal" terrorist leader who is executed by the Colonel.

Captain Roque Carnicero

The would-be executioner of Colonel Aureliano Buendía. He joins the Colonel's forces after José Arcadio II stops the execution in a dramatic rescue.

General Victorio Medina

Revolutionary leader of the Liberals. He is shot before the Colonel can join him.

Captain Aquiles Ricardo

The Conservative garrison commander of Macondo. He orders the execution of Aureliano José and is himself shot four hours before the former's death.

Carmelita Montiel

A fortune card teller and twenty-one-year-old virgin. Her future with Aureliano José expires when he is killed.

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