Character List


Magnífico Visbal

The other close friend of the Colonel is Magnífico Visbal. Visbal and his grandson are murdered by the police after the Treaty of Neerlandia has been signed, a treaty that supposedly gives the rebels amnesty.

The Wise Old Catalonian

The owner of the bookstore in Macondo where Aureliano obtains the Sanskrit dictionary; the old bookseller is the first to see the futility of Macondo's existence.

Aureliano Triste

Aureliano Triste is the one Aureliano of the Colonel's seventeen illegitimate sons who emerges as a character. He sets up the ice factory dreamed of for so long by José Arcadio Buendía I. He also opens a channel from the world to Macondo and drives in the first locomotive, a huge yellow huffing, puffing monster.


The Guajiro Indian servant and brother of Visitación; like his sister, Cataure comes to Macondo in flight from the insomnia plague.

Catarino's Store

Catarino's store is a place of ill-repute in Macondo and seemingly a legitimate place of business, as well.

Liberals vs. Conservatives

The two contending parties that form the civil war are the Liberals and Conservatives. The Buendías are all Liberals — except, possibly, José Arcadio II Segundo. The Liberals are symbolized by the color red and the Conservatives by blue.

The Duke of Marlborough

The historical character who is said to have aided the Colonel during the war.

The French Doctor

He corresponds with letters (perhaps only imaginatively) with Fernanda.

The Keys of Nostradamus

The symbol of Melquíades' extraordinary knowledge.

Francisco the Man

The composer of the songs played by Aureliano Segundo on his accordion.

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