Character List


Father Coronel ("The Pup")

When Father Nicanor is consumed by hepatic fever, he is replaced by the young idealist, Father Coronel. "The Pup," as he is called, is a veteran of the first federalist war.

Father Antonio Isabel

Father Coronel is replaced by Father Antonio Isabel. It is Isabel who daubs the indelible ash crosses on the seventeen Aurelianos, an act seemingly which marks them for death.

Father Agusto Ángel

Father Isabel's replacement is a crusader of the "new breed" but is soon worn out by the sleepiness of Macondo.

Don Apolinar Moscote

Don Apolinar Moscote is the first conservative mayor of Macondo and the father of Remedios.

Colonel Gerineldo Márquez

He is the friend and constant supporter of Colonel Aureliano Buendía and great-great-grandfather of Gabriel Márquez, Aureliano Babilonia's friend.

Gabriel Márquez

Aureliano Babilonia's friend is Babilonia's link with the memory of Colonel Aureliano Buendía. He becomes Nigromanta's lover and the fiancé of Mercedes. The great-great-grandson of Colonel Gerineldo Márquez is an earnest competitor in a quiz contest offering a free trip to Paris.

Pietro Crespi

The Italian pianola expert, "young and blond, the most handsome and well-mannered man who had ever been seen in Macondo," is engaged by Úrsula to teach Rebeca and Amaranta how to dance. He meets a tragic end, but later his brother Bruno Crespi becomes a prosperous merchant in Macondo and introduces a cinema to the town.

Mr. Herbert

Mr. Herbert is the man most responsible for bringing the banana company to Macondo.

Mr. Jack Brown

He is the president of the banana company. His daughter Patricia Brown befriends Meme. Brown is, according to the narrator, responsible for one of Macondo's worst floods.


The Belgian husband of Amaranta Úrsula; he enters Macondo led in tow on a silken leash. He leaves Amaranta to Aureliano and decides to set up a palm oil business in the Belgian Congo.

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