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The girl "with the stealthy beauty of the Nile, thin neck and sleepy eyes" is the pharmacist's daughter. She gives Aureliano the asthma medicine for José Arcadio V, and she is the fiancée of Gabriel Márquez.

Camila Sagastume

The woman who engages Aureliano Segundo in an eating contest.

Big Mama

Big Mama is a character from García Márquez 's story "Big Mama"; she is merely a reference in the novel.


Visitacíon is the first Buendía house-servant, a Guajiro Indian who (with her brother Cataure) comes to Macondo in flight from an insomnia plague.


Rebeca's servant; she leads the authorities to the dead body of her mistress.

Tranquilina Buendía

Tranquilina María Miniata Alacoque Buendía is the grandmother whom the blind, aged Úrsula thinks she sees just before she dies.

Petronila Iguarán

Petronila Iguarán is Úrsula's great grandmother. She appears as a hallucination in the blind matriarch's old age.


Melquíades is the most important presence in the novel outside the major Buendía male and female characters. He is the gypsy friend of José Arcadio Buendía I, and introduces Macondo to a host of fabulous things. The gypsy's Sanskrit manuscript turns out to be the narrative of the Buendías.

The Parchment Manuscript

The manuscript that Melquíades gives to José Arcadio Buendía is cryptic looking; its writing looks "like pieces of clothing put out to dry on a line."

Prudencio Aguilar The Ghost of the Past

He is the poor loser in a cockfight with José Arcadio Buendía and the indirect cause of Macondo's being founded. José Arcadio kills him with a spear, and the dead man's ghost haunts Úrsula and the patriarch until they flee their ancestral village.

Father Nicanor Reyna

The first priest in Macondo, he gives dispensation to José Arcadio II and Rebeca to be married.

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