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Petra Cotes

Fernanda's rival (or alter ego) is characterized as being a clear opposite. Petra Cotes is not from Fernanda's antique lineage, nor does she have her rival's false pride. She is "the clean young mulatto woman with yellow almond-shaped eyes that give her face the ferocity of a panther." She is the mistress of both Aureliano Segundo and his brother, José Arcadio Segundo IV, with whom she sleeps first.

Rebeca Buendía

She is the adopted daughter of José Arcadio I and Úrsula Buendía. She comes from a town called Manaure, and the narrative reveals her as the second cousin of the Buendía matriarch. She is José Arcadio II's wife against the wishes of her adopted family.

Amaranta Buendía

The natural daughter of José Arcadio I Buendía and Úrsula is a strange, perverse creature. She is born "light and watery, like a newt, but all her parts were human." She becomes the rival of her step-sister, Rebeca, for the affection of the Italian pianola expert, Pietro Crespi.

Santa Sofía de la Piedad

She is the young virgin who is paid 50 pesos by Pilar Ternera so that Ternera may avoid committing incest with her son, Arcadio III. Santa Sofía and Arcadio III have a daughter at the time Arcadio becomes "dictator" of Macondo. Besides the girl (Remedios), Santa Sofía has the twins, José Arcadio Segundo and Aureliano Segundo, also fathered by Arcadio.

Renata Remedios (Meme)

The eldest daughter of Fernanda del Carpio and Aureliano Segundo is born into the hostile atmosphere of the Buendía quarrel because of her mother's arrogance and pride. Only Fernanda calls her Renata; the others call her Meme, the diminutive of Remedios. She and Mauricio Babilonia, the auto mechanic, are the parents of Aureliano Buendía.

Remedios the Beauty

The daughter of Santa Sofía and Arcadio III has no name for eight months, until just before her father's execution. She becomes known as Remedios the Beauty when she and her brothers, the Segundo twins, begin school.

Remedios Moscote

Aureliano marries the youngest daughter of Don Apolinar Moscote, Macondo's conservative mayor. At the time of her betrothal, Remedios is so young that she has not even had her first menstrual period and still wets her bed. She has the first set of Buendía twins, who die stillborn and are the cause of her death.


Nigromanta is the daughter of one of the West Indian Negroes who live segregated, off from Macondo; she becomes the mistress of Aureliano Babilonia and Gabriel Márquez.

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