Summary and Analysis Kayaks and Forgotten Dreams



This chapter begins by alternating the perspectives of the former lovers during the next morning. It begins with Allie, who had slept in Noah's shirt, and after a restless night, spent the early morning remembering special times from their summer together. Her thoughts turn to Noah and the present, wondering if he too was enjoying the coming of dawn.

And he is. Noah wakes early and takes a kayak up the river, allowing his time on the river to refresh both his body and his mind. He spends most of his time on the river contemplating why Allie had come to visit him. Noah returns home after spending two hours on the river, chops wood, and gets ready for Allie's arrival.

Switching back to Allie, the narration returns to her morning. She spends her time wandering downtown and thinking about Lon. She finds an art gallery, though she is unimpressed with most of the work. After leaving the gallery, she goes to a department store to purchase some art supplies — paper, chalk, and pencils — and spends the remainder of the morning rediscovering her talent. On her way out of the hotel, the manager stops Allie to tell her that Lon had called four times the previous evening. Allie is momentarily concerned about the importance of the repeated calls but rationalizes that she cannot reach him now because he is in court and leaves to meet Noah, entirely dismissing the missed calls, and not knowing or caring that two minutes after she leaves Lon attempts once again to reach her.


The morning parallels their innate connection — both spend time doing something they love and are somewhat pleasantly surprised to find they had spent two hours doing it. This indicates the old cliché that "time flies when you're having fun." It also indicates the maturity of the relationship, for both Allie and Noah are doing things independently of one another, indicating that their relationship is not co-dependent but rather co-enriching.

The mention of forthcoming rain literally refers to the incoming weather pattern. But the rain also has metaphorical significance. The wonderful reunion that Noah and Allie are having is akin to a bright, sunny day; however, before they know it and sooner than they could imagine, the heavens are going to open up, and into their reunion a major rain storm is going to take place.

Allie considers the possibility that Lon found out the truth about her trip, but she immediately dismisses that idea — which is incorrect — and she also thinks she cannot contact him because he is in court, which is also incorrect. Both of these incorrect assumptions illustrate that she is not as connected with Lon as much as she would like to be.

Not only does Allie lie to the manager, but also she instructs him to lie to Lon, if indeed Lon even were to call. This instance is the second time that Allie has been untruthful to her fiancé, which is further indication that everything in their relationship is not as idealistic as she would like or need it to be.


Elayn perhaps a reference to artist Elayn Kuehler, a Romantic Realist, or perhaps an amalgam of artists