Study Help Practice Projects


1. Perspective and point of view are essential to understanding any literary text. Instead of focusing on Noah, think of Allie and consider the events that transpire in The Notebook from her perspective. Then prepare an argument in which you make the case for Allie being considered the protagonist of The Notebook instead of Noah. Be sure to discuss the thematic significance of such an interpretation.

2. In the first chapter the narrator provides the option of considering The Notebook either a love story or a tragedy. Make a two-column chart in which you list all the elements of The Notebook that could be considered a love story on one side and all the tragic elements of The Notebook on the other. Study the list and determine which side more fully captures the essence of the novel. Write a memo to the advertising department of the book's publisher explaining your decision, which will obviously affect the way the book is marketed to the public. After receiving the memo, assume the role of an advertiser. Prepare a marketing campaign for The Notebook. Consider purpose, audience, and mode of communication. Be sure to develop a multi-media ad campaign.

3. Sparks' novel is rich in detail about things that are common in North Carolina. Consider how these details help develop characters, particularly Noah. Then consider how these details affect thematic development. Finally, create a display of things that are unique to the area in which you live. How would these things help outsiders understand you?