Study Help Full Glossary for The Notebook

Alzheimer's a progressive form of dementia that begins with gradual memory loss and eventually leads to complete helplessness

blue-chip stock stocks of high-quality, financially-sound corporations; the term suggests a safe investment

Bourbon whiskey distilled from a mash of primarily corn but also malt, and rye

Browning Robert Browning, a famous British poet of the Victor-ian era

Caste system social structure where class is determined by heredity

Chasm literally a gorge; metaphorically a gap; used here to indicate the emotional distance between Allie and others

Dylan Thomas British poet of the early modern period

Elayn perhaps a reference to artist Elayn Kuehler, a Romantic Realist, or perhaps an amalgam of artists

Eliot T.S. Eliot. Famous British poet of the modern era

Everglades a swampy yet partially forested region in southern Florida

Gnomes fabled race of dwarflike creatures

John Wayne famous American actor, star of westerns, known as "Duke"

Leaves of Grass a famous collection of poems by Walt Whitman

Liquidated converted into cash

listless indifferent, spiritless

Mozart Amadeus Mozart, famous and prolific Austrian composer

Mullet a cylindrical, gray fish, also known as a goatfish

Orion, Big Dipper, Gemini constellations, or various groups of stars, that are identified by the shape of their grouping

Osprey a large hawk, also known as a fish hawk

Pole Star the brightest star and handle of the Little Dipper constellation

Tennyson Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Famous British poet of the Victorian era

Vanna's a reference to Vanna White, the hostess for the TV game show Wheel of Fortune

Walt Whitman American poet noted for his unconventional use of meter and rhyme

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