Character Analysis Noah


Noah is the main character (protagonist) of The Notebook. He is the hero. Noah represents true love, true faith, and true artistry. In one sense, The Notebook is similar to a medieval morality play, and Noah is a contemporary "Everyman." The characters in a morality play were symbolic representations used to illustrate an idea; Noah represents true, faithful, committed love. Noah remains true to Allie even when he does not know if he will ever even see her again.

In many regards, Noah is the ideal man — he is faithful, idealistic, strong, good looking, a poet, and helpful to those in need. The Noah of the main narrative is almost too good to be true. He has a strong relationship with family and friends and is respectful to both nature and authority. He seemingly has no faults.

The Noah of the frame story is older yet still exhibits the same characteristics; he is also loyal, faithful, committed, strong, and realistic. The dedication he demonstrates to both his wife and the other residents of the extended care facility is utterly amazing.

Finally, Noah can be seen as a symbol for Nicholas Sparks himself, and The Notebook, which is dedicated to his wife, who is his best friend, is Sparks' own love story. The story inspired by Cathy's grandparents is one long love letter from the man who truly seems to be practicing what he preaches.