Character Analysis Allie


Allie wants the best of both worlds as she represents the different types of love that exist. In essence she is the embodiment of a thematic topic. As Allie grows and matures, so does her understanding of love. Her growth symbolizes the development of real love — from a potential summer fling through a tough decision to a career-creating relationship that yields children who are the product of that committed love.

Her relationship with Noah reveals the essence of true love — where one is able to develop one's own talents, skills, and abilities. Allie is able to develop as an artist, and a character, because of Noah's love for her. Yet, she is not dependent solely on Noah, for she makes important decisions — she chooses to seek him out, she chooses him over Lon, and she chooses to write an emotional an insightful letter to Noah in order help him deal with her illness.