Walk Two Moons Study Help


Essay Questions

1. Write a book review of Walk Two Moons similar to book reviews seen in a major newspaper in your area.

2. Draw a map of the United States and trace the route that Sal and her grandparents took from Ohio to Lewiston, Idaho. Identify points of interest and cities where Sal and her grandparents stopped to spend the night, sightsee, or eat.

3. Creech's book, Absolutely Normal Chaos, is about Mary Lou Finney, a minor character in Walk Two Moons. Choose a minor character from the novel such as Ben, Tom Fleet, Margaret Cadaver, or Mr. Birkwell and write a short story about the character.

4. Creech writes about the intergenerational bonding that takes place between Sal and her grandparents. She also writes about Sal's grandparents on her mother's side and the influences of each set of grandparents on her parents and on her. Draw a family tree tracing your family as far back as you can. How have your ancestors influenced you and your parents?

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