The View from Saturday Study Help


Essay Questions

1. Using the Internet, research the endangered turtle species mentioned in The View From Saturday. What must be done to save the turtles from extinction? What are the chances for the survival of the turtles?

2. When Julian invited Noah, Nadia, and Ethan to tea, the invitations he gives them are very creative and clever. He uses lines from Alice in Wonderland. Design four creative and clever invitations that you would give to four people. What theme would you use?

3. Friendship is a significant theme in The View From Saturday. Write an acrostic poem about friendship. (An acrostic poem is a verse arranged so that it spells words, phrases, or sentences when certain letters are selected in an orderly sequence.)

4. Design a boardgame with questions similar to those asked in the Academic Bowl in the novel. Include the directions for the game as well as playing pieces.

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