Shiloh Study Help


Essay Questions

1. Marty has never had a pet before Shiloh comes along. He quickly realizes that owning a pet involves responsibility. Using the library or the Internet, research pet care and pet ownership. What would you need to know about having a pet in order to be a responsible pet owner? List your findings.

2. Marty was determined to keep Shiloh. If Marty had not seen Judd shoot the deer, what would he have said to Judd? Rewrite the last three chapters of the novel as if Judd had not shot the deer.

3. Create a three-dimensional map of Marty's house, the woods and hills that surround his house, the pen he built for Shiloh, and the barn. 

4. Write a persuasive letter to the editor of the local Friendly newspaper in which you support either more restrictive hunting laws or less restrictive hunting laws.

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