Character List


Garcin Brazilian journalist of middle age. Politically leftist, he has no problem expressing himself or making a point with passion. A very intelligent man, he is attracted to Inez. But Inez despises him, and his need for her goes unrequited.

Inez A lesbian. Same age as Garcin. She is attracted to Estelle, but Estelle is not interested. Inez is a hard, cold woman whose experience in life has brought out the animalistic instincts in her. She will stop at nothing to get her own way.

Estelle A pretty blonde. Younger than the other two. Estelle is very interested in being feminine, in pursuing the affections of Garcin (who is not interested in her), and in attending to her physical attractiveness.

A Valet He ushers the characters into the room and serves no other function.

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