Character List


Nana An actress and a courtesan who possesses an exceptionally beautiful body which she uses to ensnare men.

Count Muffat de Beuville An important member of the French government who has always been a very pious Catholic until he becomes infatuated with Nana.

Countess Sabine de Beuville Count Muffat's wife, who was the pillar of respectability until after her husband began having an affair with Nana. She then has an affair with young Monsieur Daguenet, who was Nana's earlier lover.

Monsieur Steiner A wealthy German-Jew banker who is famous for spending fortunes on actresses with whom he is infatuated. One of his fortunes is spent on Nana.

Monsieur Léon Fauchery An influential journalist who reviews Nana's performances and later writes a scathing article about her.

Hector de la Faloise Monsieur Fauchery's naive cousin who is acquainted with the Muffats and who thinks it would be fashionable to be ruined by Nana.

Madame Hugon A highly respectable lady who is a close friend to the Countess Sabine.

Georges Hugon (Zizi) Her seventeen-year-old son who was Nana's lover for a week and whose infatuation for Nana causes him to stab himself with a pair of scissors.

Philippe Hugon The elder son, who becomes infatuated with Nana, steals money from his command post, and is placed in prison.

Count Xavier de Vandeuvres A prominent gentleman whose fortune is ruined by gambling on horses and shady deals in order to supply Nana with luxuries. He burns himself and his horses after his final collapse.

Marquis de Chouard Count Muffat's father-in-law, who is best described as a dirty old man who annoys all the young actresses.

Fontan The leading actor for the Variety Theater. Nana becomes infatuated with him in spite of the fact that he is cruel to her.

Zoé Nana's maid, who uses Nana's alliances with men in order to fill her own pockets with leftover money.

Paul Daguenet One of Nana's earliest lovers, whom she later marries to Count Muffat's daughter.

Estelle The priggish daughter of the Muffats, who has a large dowry and who later marries Nana's earlier lover, Daguenet.

Rose Mignon The leading actress for the Variety Theater who sleeps with many of the same people as does Nana but is never as successful.

Monsieur Auguste Mignon Rose's husband, who arranges his wife's love affairs and manages the money she makes.

Satin A childhood acquaintance of Nana's whom she later develops a passion for.

Louis, or Louiset Nana's sickly young son, whose father is unknown.

Bordenave The producer who gave Nana her first start in her acting career at the Variety Theater.

Labordette An ever-present person of discretion who arranges things.

Madame Maloir Nana's elderly friend, who consoles her during times of stress.

Madame Lerat Nana's aunt, who takes care of Nana's son, Louiset.

Madame Tricon A procuress whom Nana goes to when she needs to pick up some ready cash.

Madame Robert Nana's rival for Satin.

Francis Nana's hairdresser, who loans her money and helps her in other small ways.

The Prince (Charles) A Scottish (English) prince who is attracted to Nana.

Old Bosc An old actor in the Variety Theater.

Prullière The actor who plays leading roles in the Variety Theater.

De Foucarmont A naval officer and friend of Vandeuvres who is also ruined by Nana.

Théophile Venot A staunch Catholic whose devout religious beliefs influence Count Muffat.

Mesdames Chantereau, de Chezelles, and du Joncquoy Friends of the Countess Sabine de Beuville.