Study Help Practice Projects


1. Create a report on the similarities between Orwell's Oceania and some current or past totalitarian regime. In doing so, consider the role of children and family, the idea of "thoughtcrimes," the re-creation of history, and the use of propoaganda.

2. Draw a map of the political structure of the world of 1984. Write a diary entry imagining that you are in Winston's world and describe how you feel and what you do on a daily basis, and detail your future plans. How is this entry different from one you might write in your present position?

3. Create a Web site to introduce 1984 to other readers. Design pages to intrigue and inform your audience, and invite other readers to post their thoughts and responses to their reading of the novel.

4. Referring to the Appendix to the novel, rewrite the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution (or some other text) to conform to the standards of Newspeak. Discuss what meaning, if any, is lost in the translation.