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belfry a bell tower.

beseech to ask (someone) earnestly; entreat; implore.

bluebells any of various plants with blue, bell-shaped flowers, such as the harebell, Virginia bluebell, etc.

blue-bottle a bright, metallic-blue blowfly.

bourgeoisie the social class between the aristocracy or very wealthy and the working class, or proletariat; middle class.

cardinal of main importance; principal.

catechism a formal series of questions and answers.

Charlemagne A.D. 742-814; king of the Franks (768-814): emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (800-814), also called Charles I or Charles the Great.

clamorous loudly demanding or complaining.

countersign a secret word or signal which must be given to a guard or sentry by someone wishing to pass; password.

cyclical of, or having the nature of, a cycle.

dace any of various small, freshwater fishes related to the carp and minnow.

empirical relying or based on practical experience without reference to scientific principles.

etiolated pale and unhealthy.

farthing a former small British coin, equal to one fourth of a penny.

gelatinous like gelatin or jelly; having the consistency of gelatin or jelly.

haranguing delivering a long, blustering scolding.

heresy any opinion (in philosophy, politics, etc.) opposed to official or established views or doctrines.

impedimenta things hindering progress, encumbrances.

incongruous not corresponding to what is right, proper, or reasonable; unsuitable; inappropriate.

incredulity unwillingness or inability to believe; doubt; skepticism.

Julius Caesar 00?-44 B.C.; Roman general and statesman; dictator (49-44) of the Roman Empire.

knoll a hillock; mound.

lackeys followers who carry out another's orders in the manner of servants.

lingua franca any hybrid language used for communication between different peoples.

meritorious having merit; deserving reward, praise, etc.

Mongolian of Mongolia, its peoples, or their languages or cultures.

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