Character List


Winston Smith

Winston, the novel's protagonist, is staunchly against the Party. He finds unobtrusive methods to rebel, or at least he believes them to go unnoticed. He main desire is to remain human under inhuman circumstances.


Winston's love-interest and ally. Julia also works in the Ministry of Truth. She is against the Party's doctrines, but she merely wants to break the rules, not change the society.


Member of the Inner Party. A mysterious figure, O'Brien is at once Winston's enemy and his ally and is the reason for Winston's ultimate indoctrination to the Party. O'Brien is a personification of the Party, and much of the Party's doctrine is revealed through him.

Big Brother

Leader of the Party. Big Brother is a god-like figure, all-present, all-powerful, and eternal — yet quite intangible.

Emmanuel Goldstein

Leader of the Brotherhood. Orwell leaves ambiguous whether the Brotherhood actually exists or is merely propaganda perpetuated by the Party. Nevertheless, Goldstein, whether he exists or not, figures prominently as a foil to Big Brother.

Mr. Charrington

Owner of the shop where Winston rents the room and a member of the Thought Police.


Winston's neighbor who ends up in the Ministry of Love with Winston, turned in by his own children.


A Newspeak expert who works with Winston in the Ministry of Truth and is vaporized.


A poet-of-sorts who works with Winston in the Ministry of truth and also winds up in the Ministry of Love.