Study Help Essay Questions


1. Discuss the novel in terms of its being a novel of adventure.

2. Discuss the influence which Tahiti and its inhabitants have upon the crew of the Bounty and the importance of this influence as a factor leading up to the mutiny.

3. Discuss the varying factors which lead the men to mutiny against Captain Bligh. Consider the question of why these factors are not offered as mitigating circumstances during the court-martial.

4. Discuss the relevancy of "sea law" and the need for such a stringent law.

5. If you have seen one of the movies, discuss the relationship between Bligh and Christian in the Nordhoff and Hall novel and contrast and compare it to the relationship between the two men in the film.

6. Discuss the effect of restricted rationing and unreasonable punishment on the seamen.

7. Discuss the effect of Bligh's constant accusations of stealing on the men's morale.

8. Discuss the court-martial in terms of modern jurisprudence.

9. Discuss the authors' "resurrecting" Tinkler to bring about the resolution of the novel and Byam's innocence.

10. After the indignities suffered by Byam at the hands of unjust naval officers, discuss the factors which motivate Byam to return to life in the navy rather than to Tahiti.

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