Character Analysis Célimène


Célimène epitomizes the society of the age and represents almost everything which Alceste finds objectionable in this society. She is young and vivacious and enjoys being a part of the social world. The setting for the play is in her house and by this means we get to know everyone who visits her. These include some of the most absurd fops found in the society.

Célimène is only twenty years old, but in spite of her youth she has learned all the tricks which are needed to be successful in society. She receives everyone without distinguishing their attributes. She would rather associate with the worse fop than to be denied any visitors at all.

She treats all people alike and seems to enjoy the company of the fops as much as she does Alceste's presence. She is deliberately flirtatious and attempts to ensnare a large number of suitors. She is able to castigate another person if he is not present, but when the same person appears, she is hypocritically delighted to see the person. She puts into practice all the deceit and hypocrisy which Alceste rails against.