Character Analysis Lucetta Templeman (Le Sueur)


In Victorian times, Lucetta would have been considered a reckless libertine. Today we would call her a rather flighty, flirtatious, indiscreet young lady. There is not much depth to Lucetta's character once we place her beside Elizabeth-Jane. She writes compromising letters to Henchard and takes her married life in her hands when she meets him secretly at the Ring. But she does not think of these things until it is too late. She is preoccupied with clothing, comfort, fashions, and sophisticated light banter. She is quick to deny Donald's former connection with Henchard during the disturbance of the royal visitor, and her rather snobbish attitude turns Jopp into a bitter enemy who plots her downfall. In short, the lack of depth in her personality is shown in Donald's own thoughts when he realizes, after her death, that he would not have been happy with her.