Summary and Analysis Chapter 25



Moll and Jemmy had their goods placed in a warehouse. Then Moll inquired after her mother and her brother, who was once her husband. She discovered that her mother had died, but that her brother was still alive, information which brought her no pleasure. Worse still, Moll learned that he no longer lived on the plantation where the three of them had once lived, but now lived with one of his sons near the very warehouse where Moll and Jemmy had stored their belongings.

Moll decided to cautiously take a look at the plantation and see her brother, since she felt sure he would not now recognize her. She met a woman who pointed out the plantation, and Moll proceeded toward the place. The woman also pointed out the owner, whom Moll knew to be her son, and the old gentleman, who was once her husband. She felt a mixture of joy and fright upon seeing them, but then realized she did not need to be so cautious since the old gentleman was nearly blind. Moll suddenly understood how terrible it was for a mother to see her son pass by and not be able to speak to him. Moll threw herself on the ground weeping and kissed the spot where her son had walked. The woman, perceiving Moll's troubled condition and acting to divert her, told her the story about the two gentlemen. It was, of course, a story quite familiar to Moll, for it was about her own life with her mother and brother. Moll was quite moved by the account, but acted astonished so that she could question the woman for further details. Moll learned that her mother had left her some money and her plantation, in trust with her grandson. Now Moll wondered how and when, or even whether, she should make herself known so as to collect her inheritance.

Jemmy perceived that Moll was very worried about something and insisted that she tell him about it. Therefore, Moll was forced to tell him some part of the story.


Events seem to be moving in Moll's favor, if she could only clear up the problem of her brother.