Character List and Analysis President Snow


The president of Panem, Coriolanus Snow is a small, thin man with white hair and snakelike eyes. He loves white roses, and their scent always follows him, a smell that nauseates Katniss and fills her with intense fear. Snow often leaves these roses as calling cards for Katniss to let her know that she is always within his reach.

A ruthless dictator who doesn’t care about the people of Panem, Snow manipulates those around him, including Katniss, in order to protect and grow his power. Since the end of Katniss’ first Hunger Games, President Snow has been wary of Katniss and the power she wields over the districts. Snow recognized early, from Katniss’ first stunt with Peeta and the nightlock berries, that she could mean trouble for his power and control over the Capitol. He sensed the revolution coming and knew all along that it was Katniss who provided the spark, later fueling it into a blaze. Katniss blames Snow for all of the pain and suffering he has caused in her life and the lives of everyone else in Panem. Increasingly she sees just how evil Snow has been in his many Games, taking people’s loved ones and using them against each other. One of Katniss’ primary objectives, the single mission that drives her forward, is to kill Snow.