Character List and Analysis Minor Characters


Plutarch Heavensbee Plutarch is the Head Gamemaker who had organized the rebels in the Capitol, unbeknownst to President Snow. He has grown annoyed with how difficult Katniss has been in accepting her role as the Mockingjay, which he believes is what the revolution needs in order to succeed. Plutarch’s main concern often seems to be focused on broadcast entertainment, as he is continuously driven by achieving exciting production value through propos and live action shots. 

Katniss’ Mother  She serves as a healer in District 13. She worries about Katniss and can’t bear to go back to District 12 because of all the painful memories. 

Greasy Sae  The “bony old woman” who used to buy wild game from Katniss and Gale in the Seam. Though she can come across as gruff, she has a good sense of humor and cares for Katniss when Katniss goes back to District 12. 

Venia, Flavius, and Octavia  Katniss’ prep team. Although at first Katniss thought her prep team was shallow and superficial, interested only in appearances and easy Capitol living, she discovers during the Quarter Quell that they really do care about her and value her life, weeping as they prepare her once again for the arena. When her team is imprisoned and mistreated in District 13, Katniss rescues them and defends them, saying they are like helpless children who didn’t want any harm to come to Katniss.

Delly Cartwright  A schoolmate of Peeta and Katniss who thinks the best of everyone and always offers a genuine smile. Delly and her brother survived the bombings in District 12, but their parents did not. She is chosen to talk to Peeta after he’s been memory-manipulated because she and Peeta were childhood friends and she shouldn’t trigger Peeta to have memories of Katniss.

Caesar Flickerman  In his more than forty years of being the host and announcer of the Hunger Games, Caesar has maintained his youthful, lithe appearance by relying on surgery and makeup. Now, amidst the war, Caesar continues to deliver high-profile interviews, namely with Peeta. 

Romulus Thread  The final Head Peacekeeper of District 12 before it’s destroyed by the Capitol. He is vicious, installing stocks, whipping posts, and gallows at the square, and once nearly whipped Gale to death. 

Dalton  A District 10 refugee living in District 13. Dalton worked on a beef ranch in District 10 and told Katniss that one of the motives behind District 13’s welcoming refugees so warmly was for breeding purposes since a pox epidemic left many of District 13 infertile. Fulvia Cardew Plutarch Heavensbee’s calculating assistant. 

Boggs  Described by Gale as “Coin’s right-hand lackey,” Boggs eventually becomes one of Katniss’ bodyguards and most trusted companions. Despite Katniss’ role as the Mockingjay, Boggs still sees her as a young girl and does his best to protect her.

Beetee  An older inventor from District 3 who was pulled from the Quarter Quell arena with Katniss. He is very intelligent and helps in weapons development. 

Annie  A girl from District 4, the fishing village, whom Finnick Odair loves. Annie was in the Hunger Games during a year in which the arena flooded; she won by being the best swimmer. Afterward, she went mad, but Finnick’s love for her remains strong.

Buttercup  Prim’s tomcat that dislikes Katniss. Katniss dislikes Buttercup as well, but she brings him to District 13 from the Victor’s Village in District 12.

Johanna Mason  A tribute from District 7 who was in the Quarter Quell with Katniss and was captured by the Capitol in the arena. Later, back in District 13, Katniss and Johanna train together and eventually share a compartment.

Cressida  The director of the propos camera crew, she provides vital support for Katniss during their mission in the Capitol. 

Messalla  Cressida’s assistant on the camera crew. 

Commander Paylor  From District 8, Commander Paylor commands authority, even as a young woman of thirty. When Katniss visits District 8 to film propos, Katniss earns Paylor’s respect. 

Castor  One of Katniss’ cameramen, whom she originally calls “insects” for their shell-like camera suits. Castor and his brother, Pollux, strongly resemble each other with sandy hair, red beards, and blue eyes. 

Pollux  One of Katniss’ cameramen; Pollux is an Avox, someone who whose tongue was cut out so he cannot speak. 

Lyme  A middle-aged commander from District 2 who gives Katniss a virtual tour of the Nut. Katniss recognizes her as a tribute from a generation ago. 

Soldier York  The middle-aged woman who runs battle training and tells Katniss there is another treatment for her ribs, which continue to impede her. 

Jackson  Second in command to Boggs, Jackson is a middle-aged female sharpshooter who can hit things the others can’t even see. 

Leeg 1 and Leeg 2  Sisters from District 13, they are part of Katniss’ unit. Leeg 2 dies early in the mission to overtake the Capitol. 

Mitchell and Homes  Sharpshooters in Katniss’ unit. 

Darius  A Peacekeeper from District 12 who once tried to keep Gale alive when Gale was being whipped by another Peacekeeper, and who was punished by being made an Avox. He was a servant to Peeta and Katniss before the Quarter Quell. He is gruesomely tortured to death by the Capitol. 

Lavinia  A redheaded girl whom Katniss and Gale saw captured by one of the Capitol’s hovercrafts in the woods of District 12. Lavinia was a servant to Katniss and Peeta before the Quarter Quell and is killed by the Capitol while being tortured. 

Tigris  Once a stylist in the Hunger Games, Tigris hides the remaining members of Katniss’ unit in her fur shop near the Capitol’s heart. Her face, altered severely by surgery, is considered grotesque: She has stripes on her face, a flat nose, and long whiskers. 

Dr. Aurelius  Katniss’ “head doctor,” as she calls him, who takes naps when Katniss doesn’t feel like talking. Katniss likes him because he doesn’t tell her things he knows aren’t true, such as that she’s completely safe or that she’ll be happy again one day. 

Cinna  Katniss’ stylist from the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games and the Quarter Quell. From the start, Cinna believed in Katniss and helped transform her into both “the girl on fire” as well as the Mockingjay. Even after the Capitol kills him, Cinna is able to help Katniss transform into the Mockingjay because he created all of her Mockingjay uniforms before he was murdered.

Effie Trinket  Effie was Peeta and Katniss’ escort during the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games and the Quarter Quell. After Katniss was rescued from the Quarter Quell arena, Effie was taken as a prisoner by the Capitol. For a long time, Katniss assumes Effie is dead, but Effie appears toward the end of Mockingjay. She seems to be the same person she always was but has a vacant look in her eyes.