Character List and Analysis Haymitch Abernathy


Before Katniss and Peeta won the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, Haymitch, a middle-aged man notorious for his near-constant state of drunkenness, was the only living Hunger Games victor from District 12. Haymitch was Katniss and Peeta’s mentor during their first Hunger Games and the Quarter Quell. At the start of Mockingjay, Katniss doesn’t see Haymitch for a long period of time while he’s recovering from alcohol withdrawal in dry District 13. Still, she doesn’t care what happens to Haymitch, she claims, because she’s still angry at him for not doing more to save Peeta from the Quarter Quell arena; they’d promised each other to do whatever it took to keep Peeta safe.

Although Haymitch and Katniss often butt heads, they seem to understand that they are more alike than they would have others believe. Gritty and rough, Haymitch often comes across as insensitive, but what Katniss understands is that he truly does like and care about Peeta; he is the one person Katniss can count on to help her protect Peeta.