Character List and Analysis Gale Hawthorne


Gale, also from District 12, is one of Katniss’ closest and most trusted friends. No one understands Katniss like Gale does, as they spent many afternoons hunting together in the woods. Those are some of Katniss’ favorite memories; she always felt most like herself when she was with Gale in the woods. Gale is jealous of Peeta and the relationship he has with Katniss, and he wants Katniss to decide between them, though he doesn’t press Katniss during her recovery in District 13.

Gale is an excellent hunter and excels at setting snares and traps. He is a strategic thinker and puts his hunting knowledge to use during the rebellion. Gale’s hatred for the Capitol has always been strong; he is willing to sacrifice himself, as well as other rebels’ lives, in order to defeat Snow and the Capitol. While Katniss struggles to understand how she feels about Gale, recognizing that she does love him in some way, she can also see that he has changed and that they continue to grow more and more distant as those changes become more apparent. Still, they protect each other and each other’s families. Katniss needs Gale in her mission as the Mockingjay, as he is one of the few people she trusts completely.