Character List and Analysis Finnick Odair


The sex symbol from District 4, the fishing district, and a master with the trident, Finnick resuscitated and saved Peeta in the Quarter Quell. Known for his strength and physical beauty, Finnick often appeared cocky and self-absorbed to Katniss. Beneath all of his hubris, though, Finnick was keeping many secrets. After watching Finnick film a propo in which he describes how Snow sold Finnick’s body to prominent Capitol figures, Katniss understands that she had misjudged him and that he, too, is a slave of the Capitol. If Finnick didn’t do as he was told, the Capitol would kill Annie, the girl he loves from his district, who went mad after winning her Hunger Games. Finnick is often driven by fear and sadness knowing that the Capitol has Annie in its grasp. Finnick realizes, too, that he misjudged Katniss and her love for Peeta. He thought Katniss was only putting on an act for the Capitol, which he now realizes is not true.

Katniss often goes to Finnick for advice, wondering how he keeps from breaking down knowing that the Capitol could be torturing Annie. He ties knots in a rope to keep his hands busy and shares this practice with Katniss and, later, Peeta. Finnick and Katniss grow to depend on one another, each of them struggling not to go mad from their sadness and fear. While Katniss doesn’t see it often anymore, every now and then some of the old Finnick surfaces through his pain and sadness, as he jokes and teases Katniss in his sly Finnick way.