Study Help Practice Projects

1. Pretend that you are Ishmael. Write a two-page report of an event at your school, or in the community, emulating as closely as possible his narrative style.

2. If you could interview any of the characters halfway through the novel, which one would you choose? What would you like to ask? What answers would you probably receive?

3. If you could change any single aspect of the style or the plot of Moby-Dick, what would it be? How would you change it?

4. As a class project, divide into small groups with each presenting a scene from the novel as a short play.

5. Design your own Web site about Moby-Dick and describe what contents you would feature.

Pop Quiz!

Queequeg’s native island is called


In The Hunger Games, why did Cinna choose to be the designer for District 12?

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