Study Help Essay Questions


1. Discuss the role of diversity as it affects the theme of friendship in the novel.

2. Consider the characters of Ishmael, Starbuck, and Ahab. Which are static characters, and which ones grow or change throughout the novel? How is this growth (or lack of growth) shown?

3. What does Pip see when he is left alone at sea? How does it change him?

4. The Pequod has several gams at sea. Define a "gam" and discuss the importance of any one gam that occurs during the course of the novel.

5. Why does Ahab want to kill the White Whale?

6. Describe Ahab's physical appearance and discuss how this adds to the impression of the character.

7. Stubb is usually thought of as a carefree, fun-loving guy. Describe what you think of him and use scenes from the novel to ilustrate your impression.

8. What is Fedallah's role in the novel?

9. Discuss the following as symbols: the White Whale, Queequeg's coffin, and Father Mapple's pulpit.

10. How does Father Mapple's sermon set the tone for the novel?