Character List

Vincentio The duke

Angelo The duke's deputy

Escalus An old lord

Claudio A young gentleman

Lucio A fantastic

Thomas and Peter Two friars

Varrius A gentleman attending Duke Vincentio

Elbow A simple constable

Froth A foolish gentleman

Pompey A clown; servant to Mistress Overdone

Abhorson An executioner

Barnardine A dissolute prisoner

Isabella Sister to Claudio

Mariana Betrothed to Angelo

Juliet Beloved of Claudio

Francisca A nun

Mistress Overdone A bawd

A Provost Keeper of the prison where Claudio is held

A Justice, Two Gentlemen, Lords, Officers, Citizens, a Boy, and Attendants

Pop Quiz!

Angelo reneges on his promise to Isabella that he would free her brother, because he


I'm working on my summer reading list with Kafka's The Trial. The very first sentence uses traduce, and I don't know what that means.

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