Character List


Carol Kennicott In rebellion against small-town boredom, is the nonconformist central figure of the novel.

Dr. Will Kennicott Carol's husband, is a competent but practical-minded physician.

Stewart Snyder A young law student

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Marbury Friends of Carol's sister

Luke Dawson Wealthy money lender and landowner

Mrs. Dawson His wife

Miss Vida Sherwin A high-school teacher, afterward Mrs. Wutherspoon

Sam Clark The hardware man

Mrs. Ethel Clark His wife

"Professor" George Edwin Mott Superintendent of schools

Mrs. Mott His wife

The Reverend Leonard Warren The Congregational pastor

Mrs. Warren His wife, president of the Thanatopsis Club

Guy Pollock A cultured lawyer

Raymond (Raymie) Wutherspoon Shoe salesman and later a store manager

Lyman Cass Owner of a flour mill

Mrs. Cass His wife

Myrtle Cass His daughter

Dave Dyer The druggist

Mrs. Maud Dyer His wife

Jackson Elder Operator of a planing mill

Mrs. Elder His wife

Harry Haydock Operator of the Bon Ton Store

Juanita Haydock His lively wife

Frederick F. Ludelmeyer A grocer

Bea Sorenson Later Bea Bjornstam

Axel Egge Owner of the General Store

Chester Dashaway Undertaker and operator of Rouse Furnishing Emporium

Nat Hicks The tailor

Mrs. Hicks His wife

Percy Bresnahan A multimillionaire and president of Velvet Motor Company

Miss Rita Simons Later Mrs. Terry Gould

Dr. Terry Gould A young physician

Champ Perry A pioneer citizen

Mrs. Perry His wife

Miss Ella Stowbody A shark at "elocuting."

Ezra Stowbody Bank president, Ella's father

Dr. Westlake Now practically retired

Mrs. Westlake His wife

Julius Flickerbaugh An old attorney

Mrs. Flickerbaugh His wife

Pete Rustad A Scandinavian farmer

Helga Rustad His wife, "still scared of America"

Del Snafflin Barber and band leader

Mrs. Elisha Gurrey Manager of the boarding house

Mrs. Bogart Carol's neighbor and would-be adviser

Cyrus N. Bogart Her son

Loren Wheeler Editor of the Dauntless

Miles Bjornstam A plumber, known as the "Red Swede"

Miss Ethel Villets The town librarian

Ole Jenson A Swedish grocer

Dr. McGanum Dr. Westlake's partner and son-in-law

Mrs. McGanum His wife, daughter of the Westlakes

Gus Dahl A butcher

Earl Haydock Young brother of Harry

Bert Tybee A bartender, afterward elected mayor

Mrs. Nodelquist Matron of the rest rooms for farmers' wives

Dr. Harvey Dillon A young dentist

Mrs. Dillon His wife

Mrs. Mattie Gooch A chiropractor

Nels Erdstrom A Kennicott patient

Mrs. Erdstrom His wife

Halvor Nelson A patient of Dr. Kennicott

Mrs. Nelson His wife

Reverend Mr. Zittrel A Baptist minister

Mrs. Zittrel His wife

Adolph Morgenroth A farmer

Willis Woodford Teller, bookkeeper, and janitor of Stowbody's bank

Wes Brannigan A farmer

Oscarina A Swedish maid who succeeded Bea

Hugh Kennicott Child of Carol and Will

Whittier N. Smail Dr. Kennicott's uncle by marriage

Mrs. Bessie Smail Kennicott's aunt

Olaf Bjornstam Child of Bea and Miles

Dr. Calibree Physician of Joralemon

Mrs. Calibree His wife

Erik Valborg A dapper Swedish tailor

Adolph Valborg Erik's father

B. J. Gougerling A banker

Mrs. Gougerling His wife

Fern Mullins A high school teacher

Mrs. Swiftwaite Dressmaker and milliner

James Blausser A professional booster

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