Bea Sorenson

In contrast with the college bred and "high-brow" Carol, Bea Sorenson, the Swedish farm girl, is introduced. Seen through her eyes, Main Street is urban and exciting. The two young women go sightseeing in Gopher Prairie the same day and make very different evaluations of their new environment. Bea becomes Carol's maid at unheard-of wages — six dollars a week. The two prove congenial. Bea is generous, capable, and appreciative. It is through Carol that Bea becomes engaged to Miles Bjornstam. A marriage which should have been happy ends, however, in disaster and death. Lewis originally intended to make Bea a major character and to run her experiences parallel to Carol's. Upon the advice of James Branch Cabell, however, he decided to subordinate the Swedish girl.

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As research for Carol's new Gopher Prairie Dramatic Association, she and her husband attend several plays in

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