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sooth (40) truthfully

spacious plenty (71) at will

speculation (94) eyesight

stamp (153) coin

sticking-place (61) its limit

straight (11) straightaway

suborn'd (24) bribed

summer-seeming (86) youthful

surcease (4) death

surfeited (5) drunk

sway (9) command

swelling act . . . theme (128) the developing royal drama

taking-off (20) murder

Tarquin (46) murderous king of Rome

temple-haunting martlet (4) bird that nests in church porches

their charge (6) that is, Duncan

this great King (131) possibly a reference to James I (the king in Shakespeare's audience)

to friend (10) auspicious

trains (118) tricks

trammel up (3) obstruct, prevent

travelling lamp (7) the sun

treatise (12) tale

trifled (4) made trivial

trifles (125) trivial gifts

two delinquents (12) that is, the guards of Duncan's chamber

undivulg'd pretence (129) undisclosed plot of treason

unshrinking station (8) unyielding position

upbraid . . . faith-breach (18) rebuke his broken promises

utterance (71) utmost

vault (94) wine cellar, punning on grave

verities (8) true predictions

vizards (34) masks

want the thought (8) help thinking

wants (142) requires

warrant in that theft (143) this kind of stealing (away) is justified

wassail (65) entertainment

which is not us'd for you (44) which you are not used to

with Him above . . . work (33) with God's help

yesty (53) frothing

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