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lave our honours . . . streams (33) show ourselves to be honourable by washing ourselves in acts of flattery

lees (93) dregs

lime (34) bird lime (a sticky substance for trapping birds)

line the rebel . . . vantage (112) secretly give aid to the rebels.

list (70) tournament

lodg'd (55) beaten down

lose the dues (12) miss the reward

love . . . love (11) As king, I must always acknowledge my subjects' love even though doing so is a burden to me. But I must tell you that in taking trouble for me, you win God's thanks.

loved mansionry (5) favorite building

made a shift to cast him (40) with effort I overpowered the drink

magot-pies (124) magpies

marry (4) indeed

mated (75) amazed

maws (72) appetites

metaphysical (29) supernatural

mettle (74) courage

minions of their race (15) best of their breed

minutely (18) every minute

mortal custom (100) usual lifespan

mounch'd (4) munched

napkins (6) handkerchiefs

near in blood . . . bloody (142) close relations are more likely to be suspected of murder

oblivious (43) that brings oblivion

old (2) frequent

ornament of life (42) the crown

pains (151) service to me

palter (20) toy with

parricide (31) murder of a parent

particular addition (99) a specific title

pauser (109) restraining force of

pendent (7) hanging

penthouse lid (20) eyelid.

physic (47) medicine

practice (55) medical expertise

prate (58) prattle

probation (79) approval

procreant cradle (7) nest

protest me (104) claim that I am

purpose . . . purveyor (21) intended to arrive before him

quarry . . . deer (206) carnage of these dead creatures

rancours (66) bitterness

ravin (28) eat up

rebuked (55) mocked

receipt . . . limbeck (68) container for an alchemist's solution; here, Macbeth's plan

recoil in an imperial charge (20) recoil (like a cannon) when under royal orders (from Macbeth)

rendered (22) surrendered

rhubarb . . . drug (55) purgatives

rich East to boot (37) all the wealth of the Orient as well

roofed (35) surmounted

runyon (6) hag

savage (69) bold

scotch'd (13) injured

scruples (127) doubts

second course (38) that is, at the banquet of life

security (32) overconfidence

sere (23) dry

shoal (6) sandbank

shoughs, water-rugs (93) rough-coated dogs

sightless couriers (23) invisible winds

Sinel (71) Macbeth's father.

skirr (35) scour

sleights (26) charms

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