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equivocator (9) liar

estate of things (40) the physical frame of the universe

eternal jewel (67) immortal soul

excite . . . man (4) raise the dead

expectation (10) invitation

eye (186) command

faculties (17) kingly powers

fain (28) rather

farrow (65) litter of pigs

favour (72) complexion

feast . . . ceremony (35) Banquets which are given freely are made more attractive by the "sauce" of ceremony.

fee'd (131) paid

fee-grief . . . breast (196) a personal sorrow

fell (70) terrible

fell of hair (11) the hair on my flesh

fenny (12) living in the marshes

fil'd my mind (64) defiled my guiltless conscience

fitness (53) appropriateness

flaws and starts (62) outbursts

flighty . . . with it (145) Unless acted upon immediately intentions may be overtaken by time.

foisons (88) abundance

forc'd (5) reinforced

foreign levy (25) foreign invasion

gentle weal (75) noble commonwealth

germens (59) seeds

gild (55) paint them with golden blood

gin (35) trap

gins his reflection (25) starts to turn in its seasonal course.

go off (2) perish

golden round (28) the crown (kingship)

goose (12) cowardly

Gorgon (71) hideous monster than turns beholders to stone

gouts (46) drops

grafted (51) embedded

Graymalkin, Paddock (8) grey cat, toad; both "familiars" or witches' assistants

half a soul (82) a half-wit

harbinger (45) forerunner

harp'd (74) guessed

haunt (8) regularly visit

Hecate (52) goddess of witchcraft

hie thee hither (25) come here quickly

holp (23) helped

hose (14) trousers

howlet (17) young owl

husbandry in heaven (4) the gods are economical with their starlight

I doubt (66) I am concerned

impress (95) force

in compt . . . audit (26) on your account, to be assessed by you

incarnadine (61) make red

interdiction (107) accusation

interim (155) meanwhile

intrenchant (9) uncuttable

jealousies (29) suspicions

juggling fiends (19) deceiving devils (or Fates)

just . . . event (14) righteous criticism awaits the outcome

jutty . . . vantage (6) eaves, convenient corner

kerns, Gallowglasses (13) light infantry, heavy infantry.

lapp'd in proof (55) covered in armor.

latch (195) catch

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