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accompt (37) account

Acheron (15) Hell

adage (44) proverb

afeer'd (34) confirmed

ague (4) disease

alarm (4) trumpet-call

All . . . house (14) Even if I were to double my efforts on your behalf, it would be nothing compared with the honour you pay by visiting our house.

Angel . . . served (14) i.e. the Devil

an't (19) If

antic round (130) mad dance

aroynt! (6) begone!

auger-hole (120) the tiniest crevice

augment (27) support

augurs. . . blood (123) Prophecies have (in the past) revealed even the most well-hidden murders

authoriz'd (65) written

avouch (119) justify

bark (24) boat

became him (8) suited him

become (63) suit

before (12) on his chest

beldams (2) witches

bellman (3) man who summoned condemned prisoners

Bellona's bridegroom (55) bridegroom to the goddess of war (i.e. Macbeth).

benison (40) blessing

borne in hand . . . cross'd (79) deceived, double-crossed

both the worlds (16) earth and heaven

brinded (1) streaked

bruited (22) announced

card (16) a sea-chart

cast the water (50) examine the urine (here, used metaphorically)

chastise (27) beat off, chase away

cleave (146) fit

cleave to my consent (25) approve of my plan

cloudy messenger . . . clogs me with this answer The surly messenger refuses to report to Macbeth the news of Macduff's desertion for fear of punishment.

compassed . . . pearl (22) surrounded by the elite of Scotland

constrained things (13) conscripts

construction (12) intention

convinces . . . art (143) defeats all the attempts of (medical) skill

corporal (81) bodily, physical

corporal agent (81) physical part of myself

cours'd (21) chased

cow'd (18) caused me to cower

coz (14) cousin

crack of doom (117) Day of Judgment

detraction (123) self-accusation

dew (30) wet (with blood)

direction just (4) exact instructions

disposition . . . owe (112) my own human nature, courage

divine (71) priest

dudgeon (46) handle

effect and it (47) the result and the plan

Enemy of Man (68) the Devil

English epicures (8) the self-indulgent English

enow (56) enough

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