Study Help Practice Projects


1. This play makes many allusions to classical mythology and to Celtic fairy lore. Investigate on your own the background of Greek and Roman mythology. How does your exploration of mythology alter your reading of the play?

2. Besides mythology, this play makes many references to nature. What plants, animals, and birds do you find in the text? Comb through it, looking for these natural references; then explore their significance. How do they deepen your understanding of the play?

3. Do some research into Elizabethan theater design; then discuss how you would stage each scene of A Midsummer Night's Dream. You might also want to view the 1999 film version of the play or a live theater production and evaluate their scene production. Do you agree with the choices made? How does scenery used alter or confirm your interpretation of the play?

4. A Midsummer Night's Dream was written at about the same time as Romeo and Juliet. Compare and contrast the representation of adolescent love in the two plays.

5. Create a collage or painting of this play and then write a statement about your artistic choices. What colors, textures, or images helped you best capture the mood of the drama? What were you forced to leave out?

6. Many listservs and Internet discussion forums are dedicated to discussions of Shakespeare in general and this play in particular (check out the CliffsNotes Resource Center for examples). Join one or more of these groups in order to enhance your understanding of the play.