Character Analysis Aragorn


Aragorn is the hero of song and legend. He does not need to grow into or accept his role; he is born to it. He inherits the mantle of power and wisdom from his distinguished ancestors, along with the right to the throne of Gondor. The tests he endures, including living alone in the wilderness, confronting Sauron, and treading the Paths of the Dead, prove his worthiness for the role more than they teach him about it. Nevertheless, Aragorn does have a more human and accessible side. His introduction to the hobbits in Bree exemplifies this: One moment he projects an air of menace without even drawing his sword, the next he smiles and shows them the broken blade. He is also a hero with doubts: His destiny calls him to Minas Tirith and the battle against Sauron, but his responsibility to Frodo could draw him away from where he is most needed. Aragorn's epic presence provides a foil that complements Frodo's heroic everyman; it is the everyman, however, who makes the decision for him, and Frodo alone who can complete the quest.