Summary and Analysis Chapter 7



At work the next morning, Scott attempts to clarify the difference between Will's "hooking up" and "getting back together" with Ashley. As they change the oil in a customer's car in Will's father's oil and brake shop, Will cautiously mentions Ronnie, who Scott immediately dismisses.

During the day, Will's thoughts keep returning to Ronnie and the tender side that she exhibited during the fight, protecting the young child. It seems to him that she is everything that Ashley is not.


The first part of the chapter continues to develop Scott and Will's characters and relationship. Scott's reference to When Harry Met Sally is intended to illustrate his opinion that men and women can have a primarily physical relationship, yet the reference seems to be supporting Will's point of view that Ashley does want to get back together — Harry and Sally eventually get married.

Will does not put Ronnie in a box and assumes that she does not judge people quickly either, but he is incorrect, for unbeknownst to him, she already labeled him. This chapter sows the seeds for a blossoming romance between seemingly polar opposites.


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